Can People Accuse You of Being with “The Nazarene, Jesus”?

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Sermon Notes

 Scripture:       John 20:24-31; 15:18-27; 16:33; Mark 14:66-67

RELIGIOUS FREEDOM RESTORATION ACT has become a hot button for our nation in the last two weeks.  The wording of the act confuses me because “Restoration” implies to me that we had lost “Religious Freedom” and now need governmental action to restore it.

When we use the adjective “Religious” with freedom we are recognizing the significance of religion.  A Religion is a collective system of beliefs about the divine, values and worship practices.  The truth is that everyone practices “Religion” of some type—even atheists and agnostics.  History reveals a tricky reality about human beings and religion—we want everyone to believe like we believe and live by our standards. 
How should we view “religious freedom” in light of scripture?