We support the Church of the Nazarene’s mission ministries through Nazarene Missions International, and Nazarene Compassionate Ministries in 164 world areas.
Table Life Church also has a wonderful partnership and friendship with the Tabarre, Haiti Church of the Nazarene. 
For more information about our partnership with Tabarre Church of the Nazarene,
contact the church office: office@tablelifechurch.org.
Please watch this video update from Pastor Ledo Luis sent May 2022 and read his message below!

“Good morning to all my brothers and sisters at Table Life Church. My name is Ledor Louis. I’m the pastor of the Nazarene Church of Tabarre. It is my pleasure to share this short message with you. First of all, we would love to hear from Table Life and how you are doing.

As for us: for 2 years now the church has been facing the most difficult situation. Crime and violence are rampant all over the country. This situation has a profound impact on the church. However, as leaders, we remain steadfast in our commitment.
We have been reading the books of Psalms, Numbers, and Exodus every Tuesday and Thursday together at the church. We believe that God will save us in the same way that he delivered the people of Israel in Egypt.
We have established prayer meetings every Wednesday and Friday night. It’s a way to keep all the familiar of the church together.
The ladies of the church come together every Monday in prayer. In the same way a group of dedicated men come together every Wednesday to pray for the families of church and the country.
We have lost several members due to immigration to the US, Canada, Brazil, Chile, Dominican Republic as well as to other places in the countryside in Haiti. The people are fleeing violence, crime, and kidnapping in Port-au-Prince. But we remain in touch with them and try to support them where they are to the extent we can.
We have 28 families that have left their houses in Croix-fed-Bouquets, Santo, L’Ile a Voix due to violence in these areas. Those families have found refuge in the houses of some of the church members. We have been trying our best to support them morally and psychologically as they go through such a hard time.
However, despite all, the church remains committed and faithful. We continue to meet regularly as before every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. We are still holding on. So, we count on your continuing prayers so that God help us in our difficult circumstances. Our motto for this year is: We are not going back! Despite everything we remain resolute in our faith. We keep praying so that God help through the dire situation.  Once more we count on your prayers for the church and for Haiti.
It was a pleasure to talk to you and give a little update of the situation here.
A huge Thank you to Ben who always remains in touch and gives me the opportunity to share this short video message. Thank you for your thoughts.
Please rest assured that we are praying for you as well.

God bless you all!”