Pastoral Transition Update
Update as of 2/26/21


We all took the Congregational Survey in November 2020.

The church board reviewed the results of the survey with Dr. Bowser on 12/6/20.

A small team composed of board members met on 12/20/20 to develop a Pastoral Profile draft based on       the Congregational Survey results.

The church board met on 1/3/21 to review, edit, & accept the Pastoral Profile.

We had a Zoom Congregational Meeting on 1/17/21 to review the Congregational Survey results and the Pastoral Profile. You can view Dr. Bowser’s PowerPoint Presentation from the meeting here.

The Church Board met on 2/7/21 to review a list of pastoral candidates.
The Church Board met on 2/21/21 to review resumes of pastoral candidates. 
The Church Board meets again on 3/7/21.

Contact any church board member (Listed below) or the church office if you have further questions. 

Church Board Members
Michael Border, Facilities & Finance
Michele Buhr, Care & Community
Joel Dunlap, Christian Formation & NYI President
Andre Gann, Care & Community
Wendy Giffin, Christian Formation
Benjamin Hodge, Missional Engagement
Jennifer Hodge, Treasurer, Facilities & Finance
Frank Myers, NMI President
Bekah Kratzsch, Church Board Secretary
Dr. David Bowser, Chair & District Superintendent
*The Church Board will meet again on March 7, 2021*
For more information about how the
Pastoral Call process works, please read: