Pastoral Transition Updates
Welcome Pastor Ray Stark and family! Pastor Ray will be preaching as
interim pastor at Table Life Church during the Pastoral Transition.
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Church Board Members
Michael Border, Facilities & Finance
Michele Buhr, Care & Community
Joel Dunlap, Christian Formation & NYI President
Andre Gann, Care & Community
Wendy Giffin, Christian Formation
Benjamin Hodge, Missional Engagement
Jennifer Hodge, Treasurer, Facilities & Finance
Frank Myers, NMI President
Bekah Kratzsch, Church Board Secretary
Dr. David Bowser, Chair & District Superintendent
*The Church Board will meet again on December 6, 2020*
Congregational Meeting
Join us for a congregational meeting Sunday January 17, 2021 at 6pm in the sanctuary to discuss the survey results and latest pastoral transition activities. A Zoom link will be available for anyone who does not want to attend in-person.
**This may change to a Zoom only meeting if mitigation efforts are needed due to COVID-19.**
If you have questions, please contact Bekah at the church office: (717) 774-6444 or