Pastoral Transition Update
Update as of 4/4/21

We all took the Congregational Survey in November 2020.

The church board reviewed the results of the survey with Dr. Bowser on 12/6/20.

A small team composed of board members met on 12/20/20 to develop a Pastoral Profile draft based on       the Congregational Survey results.

The church board met on 1/3/21 to review, edit, & accept the Pastoral Profile.

We had a Zoom Congregational Meeting on 1/17/21 to review the Congregational Survey results and the Pastoral Profile. You can view Dr. Bowser’s PowerPoint Presentation from the meeting here.

The Church Board met on 2/7/21 to review a list of pastoral candidates.
The Church Board met on 2/21/21 and 3/7/21 to review resumes of pastoral candidates and discern who to start interviewing.
The Church board met on 3/14/21 to interview a pastoral candidate via ZOOM.
The Church Board met on 3/29/21 to interview the pastoral candidate in-person and voted unanimously to recommend the candidate the church congregation as the next pastor of Table Life Church.  The pastoral candidate accepted the invitation on 4/1/21!
There will be a congregational meeting on Sunday April 11th at 6pm in the sanctuary, where each person in attendance will get to meet the pastoral candidate and ask her questions. Dr. Bowser will also be present. A Zoom option will be available upon request (Contact Bekah at the Church office).

Contact any church board member (Listed below) or the church office if you have further questions. 

Church Board Members
Michael Border, Facilities & Finance
Michele Buhr, Care & Community
Joel Dunlap, Christian Formation & NYI President
Andre Gann, Care & Community
Wendy Giffin, Christian Formation
Benjamin Hodge, Missional Engagement
Jennifer Hodge, Treasurer, Facilities & Finance
Frank Myers, NMI President
Bekah Kratzsch, Church Board Secretary
Dr. David Bowser, Chair & District Superintendent
*The Church Board will meet again on: TBD
For more information about how the
Pastoral Call process works, please read: