Table Life Church
Leadership Teams
Missional Engagement Team
Rob Kazee, Chairperson
Ben Hodge – board member 
Kara Goldsborough – board member
Cindy Earp
Dave Earp
Dave Smith
Frank Myers
Care and Community Team
Barb Long, Director of Care and Community/Chairperson
Andre Gann- board member
Michele Buhr – board member
Michael Corsello
Susan Frear
Denise Friese
Donna Herman
Nancy Myers
Tina Rammel
Olesa Yohe
Facilities and Finance Team
Pat Carney and Mike Border – Board members/Co-Chairpersons
Brenda Holston, Treasurer
Chuck Harris
Jenn Hodge
Randy Martin
Dave Reese
Children’s Ministry Team
Becky Wolfe, Pastor of Children’s Ministry/Chairperson
Judy Carney
Melissa Dunlap
Jenn Hodge
Rob Kazee
Delores Reese
Youth Ministry Team
Joel Dunlap, NYI President/ Chairperson
Pam Border
Michele Buhr
Alan Kratzsch
Michelle Speicher
Rick Speicher
Christian Formation Team
Jeffery Wolfe,Chairperson
Joel Dunlap – board member
Wendy Giffin – board member
Sabrina Baker
Jane Kazee
Delores Reese